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Commission for Banking Supervision

The Commission for Banking Supervision is responsible for supervising the operations of the banks. The executive agency of the Commission, implementing and coordinating performance of the Commission's decisions and the tasks it sets out, is the General Inspectorate of Banking Supervision, which is organisationally autonomous within the structure of the NBP.

Under Article 25, para. 2, of the Act on the National Bank of Poland, the responsibilities of the Commission include, in particular:
  • setting out principles for the conduct of banking activity that ensure the safety of the funds held by customers at banks,
  • supervising compliance by the banks with statute, their articles of association and other legal regulations, and also with mandatory financial standards,
  • performing periodic assessments of the financial condition of the banks and presenting these to the Monetary Policy Council, and evaluating the impact of monetary, tax and supervisory policies on the development of the banks,
  • giving its opinion on the organisational structure of banking supervision and establishing procedures for the performance of such supervision.
Pursuant to Art. 77 item 2 of the Act on financial market supervision, by 31 December 2007 the composition of the Commission for Banking Supervision shall be as follows:
  • The Chairperson of the Commission - the Chairperson of the Commission for Financial Supervision or a Deputy Chairperson designated by him/her;
  • The Deputy Chairperson of the Commission - a minister competent for financial institutions or a Secretary of State or a Deputy Secretary of State delegated by him/her in the office of the minister competent for financial institutions;
  • A representative of the President of the Republic of Poland;
  • The president of the Management Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund;
  • The President of the National Bank of Poland or a Vice President of the National Bank of Poland designated by him/her;
  • A representative of the minister competent for financial institutions;
  • The General Inspector of Banking Supervision.
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