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The principal objectives of modern central banks, including Narodowy Bank Polski, focus on ensuring macroeconomic stability, price stability in particular, and financial stability. Central banks’ actions towards achieving these objectives have to be underpinned by results of complex economic research that uses various methodological approaches and applies diverse research tools. The significance of such research is of particular importance in the times of high uncertainty the world economy is presently in.

The "Economic Research Framework of Narodowy Bank Polski for 2013-2016", approved by the NBP Board on November 22, 2012, presents preferred research areas and key study issues that should be on the agenda of economic research conducted at Narodowy Bank Polski in 2013-2016. Both NBP staff and scholars not affiliated with the NBP can participate in the research. Research project competitions organised by the NBP on an annual basis are designed to include these scholars in research that is deemed useful from the central bank’s point of view.

The document identifies three preferred research areas for 2013-2016:

  • I. Macroeconomic stability
  • II. Financial stability
  • III. Methods of quantitative research

   The Economic Research Framework of Narodowy Bank Polski for 2013-2016

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