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The Foreign Internship Code of Practice at Narodowy Bank Polski

Published on: 02-01-2017

  1. The internship is organized by Narodowy Bank Polski at the Bank’s Head Office in Warsaw, Świętokrzyska 11/21, from June 1 to September 30.
  2. The successful applicant will be a student of any one institution of higher education based outside Poland reading economics, finance or banking.
  3. The internship can only be conducted in English or Polish, therefore, applicants must have very good command of either of these languages.
    A candidate who does not comply with the above condition, will not be able to begin his/her internship, even though his/her registration has been successful.
  4. Only electronic Registration Form will be considered.
  5. The Registration Form is to be active from the first Monday of January*) to April 30.
  6. All the submitted documents should be in English or Polish.
  7. The following documents should be obligatorily attached to the Application Form:
    • application signed by the applicant and addressed to the Director of Personnel Department, Narodowy Bank Polski,
    • applicant’s education, work and academic profile,
    • adequate reference/testimonial provided by the applicant’s educational institution stating his/her exam grade point average for the previous academic year alongside with his/her current study profile in a descriptive or digital form,
    • thematic scope suggestions for the intended internship with names of the relevant NBP departments,
    • documents/certificates stating the current level of command of English or Polish if the applicant’s native language is different than the above mentioned languages.
  8. The complete set of documents required should be submitted electronically with the Registration Form.
  9. The decision of acceptance/rejection will be emailed to the applicant within 30 days.
  10. The internship is granted to each applicant on an individual basis.
  11. Narodowy Bank Polski reserves the right to change the date of the internship period specified in the application form, in which case a different date will be suggested and arranged with the applicant via e-mail.
  12. Any application submitted without the complete set of required documents and the signed consent to the personal data processing will not be considered.
  13. A standard internship duration varies between two and three weeks.
  14. After the term of internship has been successfully completed, the Bank will pre-sent the intern with a certificate of completion along with the supervisor’s opinion on the very course of it.
  15. There will be no gratification for the time of internship spent at Narodowy Bank Polski. The Bank is in no position to provide accommodation or cover the sustenance expenses incurred. The travel costs will have to be paid by the intern.
  16. Each intern will be provided with a pc with the Internet access in the NBP computer room. Interns may also be given access to the Internet on their own mobile appliances with WiFi (max. 2), provided they have declared the number of these in the Registration Form.
  17. The data supplied by the interns will be available in NBP for up to 5 years from the date of the completion of the internship.
  18. Should you have any queries, please contact us on

*) If the first Monday of January is a public holiday in Poland, the registration form will be available on the following day.

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