About the NBP: Structure

Administration Department

Director: Iwona Dobrzyńska-Kabat

The basic responsibilities of the Administration Department are:

  • Developing investment and repair plans for the NBP as well as disposing and supervising the spent financial resources that were provided for in these plans.
  • Fulfilling investment and repair plans regarding the buildings of the NBP Head Office.
  • Performing and coordinating tasks related to purchasing and selling of real estate and movable elements of the NBP property.
  • Performing tasks related to employee inventions, rationalization and improvements.
  • Planning and accomplishing the provision of the NBP with printed matters and forms as well as office metal seals and stamps.
  • Maintaining the archive of public files of the NBP Head Office and ZUG (Support Services Office) and coordinating the activities of organizational units in the area of clerical service and the service of the archives of public files.
  • Performing tasks connected with insurance and calculation of taxes and fees related to real estate and means of transportation of the NBP Head Office.
  • Coordinating tasks in the area of industrial safety and performing tasks related to industrial safety for the employees of the NBP Head Office, as well as related to the buildings of the NBP Head Office.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 1.50
Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

Exchange rates

Table of 2017-05-25
1 EUR4.1796
1 USD3.7177
1 CHF3.8289
1 GBP4.8238
100 JPY3.3256

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



Narodowy Bank Polski
Świętokrzyska 11/21
00-919 Warszawa

+48 22 185 10 00
+48 22 185 85 18
e-mail: listy@nbp.pl
NIP: 525-000-81-98
REGON: 000002223
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