National Bank of Poland Working Papers – 1988–2001

Number Date Title Author
1 12/88 Crisis, adjustment and development in socialist economies: case of Poland G.Kołodko
2 2/89 The dual currency system in the Polish economy and the methods and possibilities of its reduction P.Wyczański
3 1989 The dual currency system in the Polish economy and the methods and possibilities of its reduction P.Wyczański
4 12/89 Money policy and external disequilibrium G.Jędrzejczak
5 8/90 Capital markkets: functions, developments and monetary policy W.Fuhrmann
6 8/90 Inflation and the monetary system in Poland in the 1980s Z.Polański
7 1/91 Privatization - some aspects of the process K.Kalicki
8 7/92 Exchange rate policies and balance of payments strategies during the transition from communism: the case of Poland Z.Polański
9 5/94 Building a monetary economy in Poland in 1990s Z.Polański
10 3/94 Household money demand and savings in Poland: an explanatory approach E.Nijsse
11 8/94 National bank of Poland and open market operations J.Osiński
12 6/96 Size and cost efficincy in universal banking G.Lang
13 9/96 Survey of the channels of the monetary transimission mechanism T.P.Opiela
14 3/97 National Bank of Poland open market operations and the money marketing 95-96 A.Sławiński
15 5/99 National Bank of Poland monetary policy and capital flows A.Sławiński
16 2/99 Empirical application of the "Nelson and Siegel" parsimonious zero-coupon yield curve model M.Stamirowski
17 12/99 The Responsiveness of Loan Rates to Monetary Policy in Poland: The Effects of Bank Structure T.P.Opiela
18 01/01 Assessing the Efficiency of Polish Commercial Banks T.P.Opiela
19 03/01 Monetary transmission mechanism in Poland.
Theoretical concepts vs. evidence
20 11/01 Transparency of monetary policy in Poland: yield curve responses to changes in official interest rates J.Zieliński

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Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

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Table of 2019-11-15
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1 USD3.8848
1 CHF3.9206
1 GBP5.0014
100 JPY3.5744

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