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M3 and its counterparts - balance sheet format

The table presents money supply M3 and its counterparts with a monthly frequency from December 1996. Each category is broken down by instruments (loans, securities, etc.) and sectors of the economy. The scope and the presentation format are adjusted to standards used by the European Central Bank. Starting from March 2002, broad money M3 became basic analytical and publication category of money supply in Poland.

Starting from end-June 2005 data the category „Credit” has been redefined. Namely, interest arrears have been excluded from item „Credit” and shifted to Other items, net.

Starting from end-July 2007 reporting period the methodology of compiling certain monetary aggregates - disseminated below in Excel files - has been changed. For the purposes of comparability historical data have been adjusted (time series subject to changes marked in red). Related detailed information is included in the PDF file attached.

Starting from January 2012 the list of Polish monetary financial institutions (MFIs) does not include money market funds (MMFs), as no investment fund meets the criteria of MMF definition as set forth in the regulation of the European Central Bank No 883/2011 of 25 August 2011 amending Regulation (EC) No. 25/2009 concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions sector (ECB/2008/32), ECB/2011/12. At present the MFI sectors includes banks and credit unions.

Starting from end-September 2012 data M3 and counterparts data are extended to cover data on transactions calculated in compliance with the ECB methodology. The approach consits in computing transactions from differences in outstanding amounts adjusted for changes which do not arise from transactions. Detailed methodological notes are presented in the file below.

On the dissemination of statistical data reference to end-October 2015 definition of the monetary category “Capital and reserves” was amended. The amendment consists in shifting to “Capital and reserves” the following MFIs balance-sheet components previously classified under “Remaining liabilities”: profit/loss of the current year of commercial banks, profit/loss before approval of commercial banks, profit/loss of the current year of the central bank, previous year’s loss of the central bank and revaluation accounts of the central bank. The above amendment aims at further cross-country harmonization of monetary categories within the EU and strengthening the linkages between financial and statistical reporting. Data for the amended categories were adjusted back to December 2008. For more details see the file below.


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