Interest rates statistics

NBP releases time series concerning new statistics on interest rates applied by MFI to deposits and loans vis-a-vis households and non-financial corporations. Calculation of the new rates has been conceptually adjusted to harmonized ECB requirements, thus ensuring the cross-country comparability of data. Beginning from January 2007 the NBP ceased to publish information based on old methodology. Both new and old time series are available parallel for 2004-2006 in order to preserve the continuity and allow users' adaptation to new statistical framework.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 1.50
Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

Exchange rates

Table of 2015-11-24
1 EUR4.2609
1 USD4.0021
1 CHF3.9298
1 GBP6.0554
100 JPY3.2653

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets


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