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The Great Jubilee of the Year 2000

Face value: 10 zl

Metal: 925/1000 Ag

Finish: proof

Diameter: 32,00 mm

Weight: 14,14 g

Mintage: 60,000 pcs

Obverse: In the center, an image of the Eagle as the State Emblem of the Republic of Poland against the background of a stylized rosette. Below, an inscription: 10 ZL. On the rim, the legend: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA 2000. Under the left talon of the Eagle, the Mint mark: MW

Reverse: Against the background of a cross, in the central part, joint Greek letters: X (chi) and P (rho) - the Christ's monogram, and A (alfa) and ω (omega) - an early Christian symbol of Jesus Christ. Between the cross's arms, symbols of Evangelists: a man and an inscription: Św. Mateusz (St. Matthew), a lion and an inscription: Św. Marek (St. Mark), a bull and an inscription: Św. Łukasz (St. Luke), and an eagle and an inscription: Św. Jan (St. John). In the rim, an inscription: WIELKI JUBILEUSZ ROKU 2000 (the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000).

On the side an inscription: WIELKI JUBILEUSZ ROKU 2000 twice repeated, separated with stars (the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000).

Designer of the coin: Ewa Olszewska-Borys.

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