About the NBP: Structure

Education and Publishing Department

Director: Sylwia Matusiak

Department comprises:

  • Education Division,
  • Unit for Evaluation and Economic Education Council,
  • Publishing Unit,
  • Unit for the NBPortal and IMPULS Club,
  • NBP Central Library,
  • Sławomir S. Skrzypek Centre of Money of Narodowy Bank Polski.

Education Division

Education Division’s main task is to stimulate and support educational initiatives related to economic issues. These tasks are carried out in line with educational programmes addressed mainly to school and university students and circles enhancing public awareness of the rules governing market economy. Supporting initiatives which promote knowledge about the Economic and Monetary Union in general public and banking sector plays a vital role in the Division’s activity.

Unit for Evaluation and Economic Education Council

The prime objective of the Unit for Evaluation is coordination and oversight of evaluation process related to NBP educational activities. The evaluation process produces objectivised assessment of the purpose and efficacy of educational activities carried out by the Bank. The Unit promotes the results of the evaluation and creates a catalogue of good practices in economic education.

Publishing Unit

Publishing Unit is mainly responsible for the Bank’s publishing activity related, in particular, to the research and educational activity of the NBP. The publications include:

  • statistical and analytical periodicals related to NBP activity,
  • research publications,
  • publications prepared in cooperation with the European Central Bank,
  • non-periodical publications (e.g. folders of numismatic items).

Unit for the NBPortal and IMPULS Club

The Unit is predominantly involved in promoting knowledge of the economy and providing information on market mechanisms and the rules governing the operation of banks and financial markets to gymnasium, high school and university students as well as teachers via the NBPortal educational platform. Promoting operation of the Club of Resourceful Teachers IMPULS and school-based Entrepreneurs Clubs is another significant task of the Unit.

NBP Central Library

The Central Library of Narodowy Bank Polski keeps a specialist book collection, accessible to the general public. The NBP Central Library is considered one of Poland’s best equipped economic libraries, and has been awarded the status of a scientific library. Since 1987 it has been the World Bank Depository Library.

Sławomir S. Skrzypek Centre of Money of Narodowy Bank Polski

The newly created NBP Centre of Money will be the key centre promoting knowledge of the history of money and its role from Antiquity to the present day payment systems. It will also popularize knowledge of economic history of Poland and the world, the history of Polish banking and the role and significance of Poland’s central banks throughout the history. The Centre is currently in the phase of launching exhibition and multimedia solutions.

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NBP interest rates

Reference rate 1.50
Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

Exchange rates

Table of 2016-09-30
1 EUR4.3120
1 USD3.8558
1 CHF3.9802
1 GBP4.9962
100 JPY3.8171

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