Financial System

Financial Stability Reports

A stable financial system is conducive to the implementation of the main policy objectives of the central bank - maintaining price stability which creates the foundations for long-term economic growth.

Financial system stability is a situation when the system performs all its functions in a continuous and effective way, even when unexpected and adverse disturbances occur on a significant scale. Disturbances in the functioning of the financial system and in the efficiency of the provision of financial services have a harmful influence on the standing of enterprises and households. Acknowledging the importance of financial stability, leading central banks conduct research in this area and publish financial stability reports. This aims at strengthening financial stability through the discussion of risk factors and the assessment of the capacity of the financial system to withstand negative shocks. The dissemination of this knowledge should support financial stability through, among others, better understanding of the scale and scope of risk in the financial system. This increases the probability of a spontaneous adjustment of the behaviour of these market participants that undertake excessive risks, without the necessity of public entities' intervention into market mechanisms. Thus, the information policy of the central bank is an important instrument supporting financial system stability.

Narodowy Bank Polski presents the results of financial stability analysis in Financial Stability Reports twice a year.



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