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The conference marks one of the final stages of the ongoing work on the Report on Poland's Membership in the Euro Area, prepared by the National Bank of Poland in cooperation with leading research institutions, public authorities and social partners.

The final Report will cover economic, legal and operational questions relevant in the process of monetary integration with the euro area. The Report will include submissions from world's leading economists who will present during the conference their views on the efforts of Poland and other New Member States to join the euro area.

The task of preparing the Report was entrusted to the Bureau for Integration with the Euro Area which was set-up within the National Bank of Poland in May 2007. The Report is due to be ready at the end of 2008.

  • The Bureau coordinates the work of approximately 100 experts, representing around 40 domestic and foreign research institutes and universities.
  • The conclusions of the Report will be based on an extensive research program which involves about 55 research projects conducted by the NBP, leading research institutes, as well as internationally recognized experts. All projects are subject to an anonymous peer-review process.
  • The Bureau takes every effort to meet social consultation needs and provide the public with information regarding the results of consecutive research projects through open seminars. The Bureau will organize around 100 seminars in which social partners, as well as experts from academia and the private sector, are encouraged to participate and provide feedback that is subsequently taken into account by the Bureau.
  • As part of the consultation process, the Bureau has established a platform for cooperation with major social partners, i.e. the members of the Tripartite Commission as well as the Polish Bank Association. Quarterly meetings are held with heads of these organizations and the Governor of the NBP. Social partners will also draft one of the components of the Report, summarizing their positions and views on integration with the euro area.
  • Constant working contacts with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, as well as numerous international organizations have been established.

It is the first time such a document is being prepared with such a high degree of open communication and consultations, involving a wide spectrum of individual researchers and institutions.

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