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While migration from the Central and Eastern Europe countries to Western Europe increased dramatically after EU enlargements in 2004 and 2007, the knowledge on its impact on labour markets and economic growth in both sending and receiving countries is far from complete. National statistical offices have problems with estimating both the size and the character (permanent vs. temporary) of migration. Scarce information on economic activity of migrants and their skill composition makes it difficult to assess the impact of migration on the labour market balances and economic growth, especially in the sending countries. Estimation of potential macroeconomic effects of migration, through current account and exchange rate channels is even more problematic. On top of that, the role of migration in Europe in pursuing the objective of transforming European economy into a more innovative and productive system with the ongoing ageing of the European population, remains the major research and policy problem in the long run.

The general aim of the conference is to gather the latest research on migration as an economic phenomenon and its impact on labour markets and economic growth in Europe, with particular focus on the new EU member states (NMSs) and the after- enlargement migration flows. The special areas of interest of the conference are:

  • determinants of migration,
  • labour migration after EU enlargement and its impact on the labour markets of the sending and the receiving countries,
  • macroeconomic effects of migration (remittances, balance of payments, economic growth, potential growth, changes in production specialization etc.),
  • migration and mobility of other factors of production (offshoring etc.).

The conference is open to labour market researchers, central bank macroeconomists, academia, economists and practitioners from government and international institutions.

Special award (2000 euro) will be granted to the best paper subject to age criterion (35 or less - for the author and co-authors).

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