Monetary Policy Challenges Resulting from Rapid Credit Growth in Converging Economies

22 - 23 November 2007*, Warsaw

Date: 22-23 November 2007
Venue: Warsaw, NBP Premises
Deadline for submission: 22 June 2007
JEL: E, F, G, O

The National Bank of Poland invites submissions for the conference Monetary Policy Challenges Resulting from Rapid Credit Growth in Converging Economies to be held in Warsaw on 22-23 November, 2007.

Recent years have seen a rapid credit growth in many of the new EU Member States and other catching-up economies. While financial deepening is an inherent part of the convergence process and can be beneficial for the economy, the scale and the speed of the observed lending growth raises important questions for the monetary and financial authorities. Is this strong increase in loans a credit bubble or an equilibrium phenomenon? What risks does it pose to price and financial stability? What measures can be taken to avoid or reduce potential negative consequences of a lending boom? How does the credit growth affect the conditions in which monetary policy operates and what policy adjustment does it require? What is the impact of the euro adoption on the lending growth and the optimal policy response?

The objective of the conference is to present the latest research on the determinants of the credit growth in converging economies as well as its effects and policy challenges. The conference is also intended to provide a discussion forum for distinguished academics, central bankers and representatives from commercial banks on a topic of great importance for monetary policy.

The submission of research papers in the following and related fields is encouraged:

  • the sustainability of the observed fast lending growth in converging economies
  • the implications of rapid credit growth for price stability and monetary transmission
  • the impact of credit expansion on financial stability
  • the effectiveness of various policy and regulatory measures in reducing risks posed by an excessive lending growth
  • credit market developments and policy challenges stemming from participation in the euro zone

Authors of studies accepted for the conference will be encouraged to submit their papers for consideration to Bank i Kredyt - the research journal of the National Bank of Poland.
For more information on Bank i Kredyt see:

Travel (economy class round-trip) and accommodation expenses will be covered for academic speakers.

Research papers should be sent electronically (MS Word or pdf versions only) to Urszula Sowa at the NBP ( by Friday, 22 June 2007. The authors of papers selected will be informed by early August.

*/ The date of the conference has been changed from 20-21 November 2007 to 22-23 November 2007.

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