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Economic Workshop

2nd Summer Workshop

National Bank of Poland
1-5 July 2013

The Workshop aims at providing a forum for the exchange of ideas between Polish economists affiliated both at prominent foreign institutions and at the domestic ones, including the National Bank of Poland. The participants of the Workshop will present their original work and discuss recent developments in macroeconomics and finance research.

The financial crisis has made us painfully aware that understanding the role of financial markets in the economy and their impact on the macroeconomy is extremely important. Therefore, we make it the main theme of the Workshop. The participants will also debate issues like macroprudential and monetary policy, functioning of financial markets, forecasting, rising inequalities and the labor market.

Working papers

Useful information

  • Participation in the Workshop is free of charge.
  • The Workshop will be held in English.

Workshop Venue:
The Workshop will take place at the premises of the National Bank of Poland, 11/21 Świętokrzyska Street, Warsaw, room 129F.

We kindly ask you to register for the Workshop on line by 25 June 2013.

Programme committee:

  • Michał Brzoza-Brzezina
  • Ryszard Kokoszczyński
  • Krzysztof Makarski
  • Jan Werner

Organizing committee:

  • Magdalena Gwizdak
  • Krzysztof Makarski


Magdalena Gwizdak
Phone: +48 22 185 22 97
Mobile: +48 722 066 250

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