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SED Annual Meeting 2015

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Dynamics (SED) will be held in Warsaw from 25 to 27 June 2015. This event is co-organized by Narodowy Bank Polski and the SED in partnership with the University of Warsaw. This is one of the most prestigious scientific conferences on economics in the world.

Around 420 papers will be presented at the meeting, of which many written by renowned economists. The conference programme includes three plenary sessions and 144 smaller parallel sessions.

The SED conference is mostly renowned for papers on dynamic macroeconomics. However, papers presented on the conference cover a wide range of economic issues. The special emphasis is on a dynamic approach to the economic problems. Topics discussed at the conference include, among others, macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, international trade, economic growth, public finance, industrial organization, labour market, banking and finance, applied econometrics, theory and applied theory.

The Society for Economic Dynamics promotes and supports economic research. This goal is being achieved by publishing the prestigious quarterly Review of Economic Dynamics which has become one of the leading macroeconomic journals and organizing the Annual Meetings of the SED which constitute the acclaimed forum for the exchange of views, new ideas and methods applied in economics. The former SED Presidents include:

  • Edward Prescott (Arizona State University and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics),
  • Dale Mortensen (Northwestern University, 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics),
  • Thomas Cooley (New York University, Stern),
  • Boyan Jovanovic (New York University),
  • David Levine (Washington University, St. Louis),
  • Richard Rogerson (Princeton University),
  • Ramon Marimon (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and European University Institute).

Thomas Sargent (New York University and Federal Reserve of Minneapolis, 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics) is one of the SED’s co-founders.

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