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International Trade and Macroeconomic Interdependence
in the Age of Global Value Chains

Hosted by the Bank of Lithuania
Vilnius, 15–16 September 2016

This conference, organised by the Bank of Lithuania, Narodowy Bank Polski, CEPR, and CEBRA’s International Trade and Macroeconomics Program, will focus on recent transformations of international trade and macroeconomic interdependence induced by the growth of global value chains (GVCs).

Topics We welcome submissions of empirical and theoretical papers. Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):

  • Measurement of GVCs
  • GVCs and macroeconomic Interdependence
  • Real integration and inflation
  • Participation in GVCs and economic performance
  • GVCs and services
  • Trade and macroeconomic policy implications of GVCs

Keynote Speakers
Richard Baldwin (The Graduate Institute, Geneva, and CEPR)
Fabio Ghironi (University of Washington, Seattle, CEBRA, and CEPR)

Organising Committee
Michal Brzoza-Brzezina (Narodowy Bank Polski)
Mihnea Constantinescu (Bank of Lithuania)
Fabio Ghironi (University of Washington, Seattle, CEBRA, and CEPR)
Jan Hagemejer (Narodowy Bank Polski)
Gianmarco Ottaviano (London School of Economics, CEBRA, and CEPR)

Accommodation expenses will be covered for participants on the Program. Participants are encouraged
to fund their travel expenses from other sources as only limited funding is available. Where financial
support is offered, this will be in accordance with CEPR’s expense guidelines.

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