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Modernised banknotes - 200 zł

Modernised banknotes:

The 200 zloty banknote features a portrait of King Sigismund the Elder.

The reverse features an image of the Eagle with an interwoven letter “S” from the Sigismund Chapel of Wawel Cathedral.

Characteristic elements of the modernised banknote:

  • banknote size: 144 x 72 mm
  • The 200 zloty banknote features a portrait of King Sigismund the Elder.
  • In an oval – a crown, the complete image of which can be seen when the banknote is held against the light (3);
  • The shield smoothly changing colour from gold to green (4);
  • The face value, portrait of the sovereign, emblem of the Republic of Poland and the signatures of the NBP President and the NBP General Treasurer are in raised print that is easy to feel, also for the visually impaired.

When you look at the banknote against the light, the multitone watermark becomes visible as the repeat of the sovereign’s portrait on the front side and the light monotone value numeral “200” (filigree).
The watermark field is free from print.
Security thread (windowed)
When the banknote is held against the light, the whole security thread with microlettering: “200” and “200 ZŁ” is visible. When the banknote is tilted in vertical and horizontal directions, the colour changes smoothly from gold to green. The chessboard pattern moves in vertical and horizontal directions.
See-through register
The parts of the graphic design visible in the transparent light align perfectly to form a complete image – a crown in an oval.

Colour-shifting ink
When the banknote is tilted, the shield changes colour from gold to green, and the chessboard pattern on it moves in vertical and horizontal directions.

The microlettering printed on the front and the reverse of the banknote is readable with the use of magnification.

Iridescent ink
The ornament on the reverse of the is printed with iridescent ink in gold colour. When the banknote is tilted, the ornament is visible or almost invisible.

Gold ink
On the reverse of the banknote the value numeral “200” and decorative pattern below are printed in gold ink.

UV security features
A square with the value numeral “200” and abbreviation “ZŁ”, to the left of the portrait, serial number, the stripe on the bottom right-hand side of the sovereign’s portrait and some other graphic elements appear under UV light.

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