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Information from the meeting of the Payment System Council, held on 3 June 2004

The Payment System Council, an advisory - consultative body for the Management Board of the National Bank of Poland, held the meeting on 3 June 2004.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Jerzy Pruski, Chairman of the Council, First Deputy President of the National Bank of Poland.

The Payment System Council:
  1. Acknowledged information of the National Clearing House SA on the subject of preparations for the introduction of settlements guarantees under the ELIXIR system,
  2. Acknowledged information on the progress of introducing the NRB/IBAN account number standard,
  3. Acknowledged the principles regarding Straight Through Processing (STP) and discussed issues connected with this method of transferring cross-border payment instructions,
  4. Discussed the proposal of the Polish Bank Association for the development of a non-cash transfer programme and limitation of non-cash transfers,
  5. Discussed issues connected with the employment by banks of external firms for the organisation of cash processing services.

The Council has decided that its next meeting will be held in September 2004.

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