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07.04.2004 - Success of the Polish Coin - Award for the 2 zł Piece Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Poland's 2 zł coin with an eye-catching central aperture, issued for the 10th anniversary of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, was declared technologically the most advanced during the 23rd Mint Directors' Conference held in San Francisco in March 2004, and won in the category of popular coins issued in 2002-2003.

It's the fifth Polish coin to receive an award at the Mint Directors' Conference, at which minting-houses, central banks, and coin collectors' companies from over 40 countries throughout the world are represented. In 1996 the standard 5 zł coin in circulation won a distinction, while in 2000 two coins struck for the year 2000 (the 200 zl in gold, and the 2 zł in Nordic Gold alloy), and in 2002 a 200 zl piece in gold commemorating the year 2001, all followed suit and claimed further prizes.

The National Bank of Poland has been issuing collector's coins since the mid-1960's, honouring the country's celebrities, events and anniversaries. In April the NBP will be issuing collector's coins from the History of the Złoty series to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the foundation of Bank Polski (21st April), and a set of coins to mark Poland's accession to the European Union (26th April).

The central bank is issuing several series of collector's coins, the most popular of which are the Kings and Princes of Poland Series, the Polish Travellers and Explorers Series, the Animals of the World Series, and recently the Arms of the Voivodeships Series. In 2003 the National Bank of Poland issued over 9 million collector's coins.

Most of our gold and silver collector's coins are struck in proof finish in the Polish State Mint. The gold coins come with a certificate containing the coin's technical data and its short description. Our coloured coins struck in the pad (tampon) printing technique with the application of unusual additives such as amber, zircon, or ceramics, have attracted a special interest from collectors.

Since 1996 the National Bank of Poland has been issuing standard-finish collector's coins in Nordic Gold alloy (CuAl5ZnSn1), which are sold at their nominal value (2 zł).

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