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Results of the ECB and NBP Photography Awards

The photography contest "Poland - My Homeland" of the European Central Bank and the National Bank of Poland has been decided.

The winner of the Annual European Central Bank Photography Award (equivalent of 3000 euro) is Łukasz Trzciński from Cracow. Further awards were received by Radosław Polak from Warsaw (2000 euro) and Beata Frysztacka from Cracow (1000 euro). The special award of the President of the NBP was awarded to Tomasz Gębuś from Częstochowa (4000 zł). The awards ceremony will take place on 20 September 2004 in Frankfurt am Main.

This was the first edition of the European Central Bank Annual Photography Award and further ones will be dedicated to other European Union member states. The intention of the organisers of the competition is the creation of a unique collection of photos by photographers of the younger generation which will document the cultural variety and richness of contemporary Europe. Members of the jury were well-known photographers and exhibition curators: Chris Niedenthal (Prize winner of World Press Photo 1986 and Time and Newsweek photograher), Marek Grygiel (Centre of Modern Art in Warsaw), Tadeusz Rolke (has worked for Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Stern and Gazeta Wyborcza), Professor Manfred Schmalriede (President of the German Academy of Photography) and Claudio Hills (German photographer and lecturer at the University of Vorarlberg in Dornbirn, Austria). More than 100 persons participated in the contest. The winning photographs were chosen from amongst those which qualified for the second round of the contest where the total number of participants was 13 photographers (Grzegorz Boczek - Dąbrowa Górnicza, Szymon Brodziak - Poznań, Grzegorz Dąbrowski - Białystok, Marcin Idźkowski - Łapy, Dariusz Kubuj - Chotomów, Maciej Frydrysiak - Poznań, Paweł Olearka - Rzeszów, Tomasz Zalewski - Kobyłka, Cezary Zubrzycki - Wrocław). Their work will be presented in Frankfurt am Main at the photographic exhibition of "Poland - My Homeland", which is part of the European Central Bank Days of Culture: Poland 2004.

Poland is a partner of the Annual European Central Bank Days of Culture. Thanks to the annually organised Days of European Culture the ECB aims to bring the inhabitants of Frankfurt as well as its employees from the various member states of the European Union closer to the cultural variety of Europe.
This year's programme of the Days of Culture came into being in close cooperation with the National Bank of Poland. In 2004, the ECB Days of Culture celebrations were joined by the cities of Frankfurt and Cracow, which in partnership are organising a cycle of cultural events: "Cracow on the River Main".

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