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*** Call for Papers - Deadline: 1 June 2006 ***

The CEPR/ESI 10th Annual Conference on
Globalisation and Monetary Policy

1-2 September 2006, Warsaw

Hosted by the National Bank of Poland

The 10th CEPR/European Summer Institute Annual Conference will take place on 1-2 September 2006 in Warsaw and will be hosted by the National Bank of Poland. The CEPR/ESI Annual Conferences were sponsored by the Banco de Portugal, Bank of Finland, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the National Bank of Belgium, the National Bank of Hungary, the Nederlandsche Bank, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and the European Central Bank. Former conferences were held on 'The Changing European Financial Landscape' in Brussels (1998), 'Fiscal Policy Imbalances, the Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Prudential Supervision' in Lisbon (1999), 'Vivent les Différences?: Heterogeneous Europe' in Amsterdam (2000), 'Old Age, New Economy and Central Banking' in Helsinki (2001), 'Regulatory Changes for European Financial Markets' in Vienna (2002), 'The Euro Area as an Economic Entity' in Eltville (2003), 'EMU Enlargement to the East and the West' in Budapest (2004) and on 'Structural Reforms and Economic Growth in Europe' in Frankfurt-am-Main (2005).

The topic of the 10th CEPR/ESI Annual Conference will be 'Globalization and Monetary Policy' and will cover the following sub-areas: (1) impact of globalization on monetary policy (with special emphasis on the following channels: product market, labour market, non-financial and financial services), (2) implications of global imbalances for monetary policy, (3) modelling monetary policy under globalization. The intention is to have three policy lectures by senior central bankers. Furthermore, there will be a panel session of commercial bank analysts and representatives of international institutions. Finally, the conference will be closed with three survey papers by reputed academics on modelling monetary policy under globalization.

One part of the conference will be reserved for central bank researchers of member countries of the European Union and of the EU candidate countries. Therefore, the organizers of the 2006 CEPR/ESI Annual Conference ask the Research Departments of the EU and candidate countries to submit their best paper related to one of the specified sub-areas above. We would ask that you do this by completing the attached reply form and sending it with a first version of the paper to Rachel Bedford at CEPR (fax: 44 20 7878 2999, email: by 1 June 2006. The organizers will then select the three best papers for presentation at the conference in a special session of central bank research papers. Moreover, the organizers will award the best of these three papers with the CEPR/ESI Prize 2006 for the Best Central Bank Research Paper.

The organizers

  • Sylvester Eijffinger (CentER, Tilburg University, RSM Erasmus University and CEPR)
  • Kees Koedijk (RSM Erasmus University, Maastricht University and CEPR)
  • Adam B. Czyżewski (National Bank of Poland)

Draft Programme

Reply form

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