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"The Role of the EURO for the future of Poland"
Conference of the NBP, the German Embassy in Warsaw and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

The National Bank of Poland, the German Embassy and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation will hold an international conference dedicated to the "Role of the EURO for the future of Poland" in the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw on Friday, 15 June.

The conference will start with the speeches by Sławomir Skrzypek - the NBP President, Jutta Frasch - minister plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Stephan Raabe - Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Poland.

Politicians and experts from Poland and abroad will participate in the conference dedicated to political and economic conditions for the adoption of the euro in Poland. The ogranisers have invited, among others, the following persons to take part in the discussion: Prof Hermann Remsperger - member of Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Servaas Deroose, Director of EU Economy, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission, Dr Christoph Rosenberg - IMF, and Katarzyna Zajdel-Kurowska - Deputy-Minister of Finance of Poland.

The authorities of Poland are facing the need to set the date of adopting European single currency - the euro. This is an important decision and should be preceded by in-depth discussions and analyses to gain certainty that the chosen date will be optimal for Poland's interests. The expansion of the euro area to the East takes on a whole new political and economic dimension for Germany as well. Therefore, the German Embassy and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation are co-organising the conference.

The National Bank of Poland has started work on a report on the euro. It will comprise the new research conducted in the central bank and will take into account the experience and research on European monetary integration carried out in other countries. The report will benefit, among others, from the output and experience gained in the course of work on the report prepared by NBP specialists and published in 2004. The conference will conclude with the speech by Dr Cezary Wójcik, head of the Bureau for the Integration with the Euro Area at the National Bank of Poland.

The conference starts on Friday, 15 June, at 10.00 at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw.

Journalists who wish to participate in the conference are requested to apply for accreditation in the NBP Press Bureau by 13 June, tel. 022 653 20 12.

Contact persons for additional information:

  • Przemysław Kuk tel. (022) 653 25 27
  • Małgorzata Radomska tel. (022) 653 20 12

  Programme of the Conference - pdf file; (81 KB)

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