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Professor Alfred Janc
New General Inspector of Banking Supervision

On Saturday, 2 June 2007, Professor Alfred Janc took office as General Inspector of Banking Supervision. Professor Alfred Janc replaced Mr Wojciech Kwaśniak in this position.

Pursuant to Article 29 para. 3 of the Act on the National Bank of Poland, Sławomir Skrzypek, the President of the NBP, in agreement with Zyta Gilowska, the Minister of Finance, appointed Alfred Janc for the position of the General Inspector of Banking Supervision.

Alfred Janc was born on 27 August 1951 in Olsztyn. In 1980, he defended his PhD dissertation at the Poznań University of Economics, and in 1991 he presented a postdoctoral thesis and qualified as assistant professor at the same university. In the years 1993-2006, he held the position of associate professor at the Poznań University of Economics, and in 2006 was awarded full professorship. In 1995, he became the head of the Department of Banking at the Poznań University of Economics, and since 2005 has been the Dean of the university's Faculty of Economics.

The new General Inspector of Banking Supervision served, among others, as adviser to the President of the Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy (1991-1996), and chairman of the Coordinating Committee for Qualification Standards in the Polish Banking created by the Polish Bank Association (until 2007), as well as the president of the Polish Committee for the European Foundation Certificate in Banking within the System of Standard Qualifications in Polish Banking (until 2007). Since February 2007, he has held the position of adviser to the President of the NBP. Professor Janc is member of the Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund.

Professor Janc has published and co-authored approximately 200 publications on economics, finance and banking. He published, among others, "Bank i jego miejsce w pośrednictwie finansowym okresu transformacji (bilans zamknięcia okresu przedakcesyjnego w państwach Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej)", "CREDIT-SCORING - nowoczesna metoda oceny zdolności kredytowej" (co-author), "Modern Banking in Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe", "Funkcjonowanie współczesnego banku", "Nowe technologie we współczesnym banku".

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