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Information from the meeting of the Payment System Council, held on 20 March 2007

The Payment System Council, an advisory and consultative body for the Management Board of the National Bank of Poland held its meeting on 20 March 2007.

The Council meeting was chaired by Mr. Krzysztof Rybiński, Chairman of the Council, Deputy President of the NBP.

The Payment System Council acknowledged the information on:

  1. assessment of the implications of changing the manner of setting or reducing the interchange fee for the functioning of the payment cards market in Poland and discussed this issue,
  2. findings of the analysis - conducted by the NBP - of the amount of charges on monetary settlements conducted in zlotys in the Polish banking sector (June-December 2006),
  3. information from the NBP concerning the fees for cross-border payments in euro in Poland and in the euro area countries,
  4. information from the NBP about the progress of preparatory work on conversion to the TARGET2 system,
  5. assessment of the Polish payment system operation in the second half of 2006 and issued a positive opinion on it.
Furthermore, the Council adopted two documents: Report on the Activity of the Payment System Council in 2006 and the Annual Work Plan of the Payment System Council in 2007.

The Council decided to hold its next meeting in June 2007.

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