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150 years of cooperative banking in Poland
new NBP collector coins

Date: 22-02-2012

On Thursday, 23 February 2012, the National Bank of Poland is putting into circulation two coins commemorating 150 years of cooperative banking in Poland with the face values of 10 zł, struck in silver, and 2 zł, struck in Nordic Gold.

The obverse of the 10 złoty coin features an image of the state emblem of the Republic of Poland and a stylised image of a fragment of the building of the Cooperative Bank in Brodnica. The reverse shows coins and banknotes and a chain of people holding hands, in semicircle.

The central motif of the reverse side of the 2 złoty coin is an ear of grain. Other graphic elements include a pile of banknotes and a stack of coins as well as a stylised image of human silhouettes holding hands. The coins have been designed by Dominika Karpińska-Kopeć, while the traditional obverse of the 2 złoty coin has been designed by Ewa Tyc-Karpińska. The mintage of the silver coin is 40 thousand pieces and the Nordic Gold coin – 700 thousand pieces.

The coins will be put into circulation on 23 February 2012. As of this date the two złoty coins may be obtained at par value at the NBP regional branches. The silver coins have been sold at an auction in the Kolekcjoner service at the price of 96 złoty per coin. They will be soon be offered for sale at this price at the NBP regional branches and in the Kolekcjoner online shop.

More information on auctions, including images and descriptions of collector coins, can be found at the online service website (under the Auctions tab) and website (under the Banknotes and coins tab) at the following address:

All coins issued by the NBP, including collector items, are legal tender in Poland.

  • First Polish savings and lending cooperatives were established during the Partitions of Poland, and therefore, they differed in terms of their development and organizational forms. They were, however, united under one goal – to combine efforts in the fight against usury on the basis of self-help and to retain Polish ownership of assets.
  • The Loan Society for Industrialists from the city of Poznań is believed to have been the first Polish savings and credit cooperative. Amongst the oldest cooperatives are the Lending Societies in Brodnica and Gołub, which continue to carry out their business as cooperative banks.
  • Cooperative banking extensively contributed to the development of Polish economy in the inter-war period. It was also an institutional vehicle for preserving the national identity in some regions of the Second Polish Republic.
  • At present around 570 cooperative banks – affiliated in two banking groups – meet the regulatory requirements applying to credit institutions in Poland. They offer modern financial services through the widest network of branches (almost 4000 outlets).

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