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Safe Money: Inform Others

Publication date: 30-05-2012

The National Bank of Poland has prepared, together with the Police, the information campaign “Safe Money. Inform others” with a view to enhancing the security of cash transactions during the European Football Championship UEFA 2012. We wish to remind to the Poles the images and security features of Polish banknotes, as well as familiarising foreign visitors with those elements. We will also inform the public about the principles for safe use of payment cards and cash machines, thus hopefully helping fans to avoid any fraud. The campaign will continue throughout June in all the cities involved in the organisation of the tournament –Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Cracow and will also extend to border crossings, airports and railway stations.

During the Euro 2012 tournament, scheduled to start 8 June, Poland will welcome perhaps as many as a million football fans. Nearly half of them will be staying here for more than just one day. On their way, the fans will be “accompanied” by their money – both cash and credit cards. How can they recognize counterfeit banknotes and avoid being cheated while making payments? This is where the Police and the National Bank of Poland, the issuer of the money, comes into the picture.

All those interested will be provided with information material in the form of fliers and brochures distributed at border crossings, airports and railway stations. Over 500,000 fliers will be delivered to the cities hosting the games, and another 50,000 will find their way to “football fan zones” called FanCamps. Information on the security features in the banknotes will also be disseminated by major retail chain outlets located in the vicinity of football pitches and FanCamps. The Police will be distributing fliers at the stadiums, on buses transporting fans and at the police stations.

All the publications, whether online or hard copies, have been prepared in three language versions – Polish, English and Russian. They were also included in the packages intended for voluntary workers and representatives of the uniformed services, prepared specially for the Euro 2012 Championship by the organiser of the championship – the PL.2012 company.

Key information on the activities of the NBP and the Police in this area is also posted on the campaign’s website, which will soon offer a downloadable multimedia application presenting the security features of Polish money and a relevant instructional video. The application can be downloaded free of charge to a mobile device such as a telephone or a tablet in one of the language versions provided. Information on the campaign and the application will also be available on the websites of partners supporting the joint initiative of the NBP and the Police: Border Guard, Polish Trade and Distribution Organisation and the Polish Railways.

The film concerning the application can be found at:


  • Visitors to Poland are advised to exchange currency at banks and exchange bureaux and not in deals with strangers.
  • In order to exchange money, visitors should always look for establishments whose logos contain the word “Bank” or “Kantor” (Exchange bureau)
  • Owners of exchange bureaux are listed in the exchange operation register maintained by the President of the National Bank of Poland.
  • Both banks and exchange bureaux operate on free market principles and can independently determine foreign currency bid and ask rates.
  • Currency exchange rates are not subject to control by the President of the National Bank of Poland.
  • Before making an exchange transaction, visitors should familiarise themselves with currency rates posted on information boards at banks and exchange bureaux.
  • Whenever higher amounts of cash are concerned, it is also recommended that customers refrain from making a transaction in the first bank or exchange bureau on their way. Currency should not be exchanged prior to comparing the offer of at least two banks or exchange bureaux and selecting the better one.
  • Customers are advised to request detailed information on currency rates offered by exchange bureaux before carrying out a transaction, as the exchange rates actually applied may depend on the amount of currency purchased or sold.

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