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About the NBP: Structure

Financial Transactions Settlement Department

Director: Ewa Ferenc

The key tasks of the Financial Transactions Settlement Department include:

  • Recording, control and settlement of foreign operations executed by NBP, including IMF operations,
  • Securing relevant infrastructure for the execution of NBP foreign operations settle-ment.
Specific tasks:
Among others, the following tasks are performed in the Department in the framework of recording, control and settlement of foreign operations:
  • Ongoing verification of financial transactions carried as within the framework of foreign exchange management , taking into account compliance with market conditions, established limits and balances on foreign currency and trust accounts
  • Settlements on current and trust accounts maintained for NBP by selected corre-spondent banks and verification of balances consistency
  • Liquidity management on NBP foreign currency accounts
  • Accounting issues, including keeping the subsidiary ledger of the foreign operations system and inventory of assets and liabilities and off-balance sheet items relating to the process of foreign exchange management
  • Tasks related to keeping statistical data bases necessary for the foreign operations inventory and settlement processes
As the Bank deals with matters related to correspondent banking, the Department performs the following tasks:
  • Design of directional solutions and carries out activities related to establishing rela-tionships in the area of NBP foreign settlements and carries out and coordinates activities of formal and legal nature relating to the above
  • Monitoring of selected securities and foreign currency settlement systems to adapt its own settlement infrastructure
  • Monitoring of tax regulations relating to selected financial instruments
The Department also carries out impact analyses of transactions carried within the frame-work of foreign exchange management on NBP financial result, prepares financial reports and monitors and forecasts selected positions of NBP financial result.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 5.25
Lombard rate 5.75
Deposit rate 4.75
Rediscount rate 5.30
Discount rate 5.35

Exchange rates

Table of 2022-05-17
1 EUR4.6558
1 USD4.4379
1 CHF4.4542
1 GBP5.5377
100 JPY3.4307

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



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