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About the NBP: Structure

Accounting and Finance Department

Director: Krzysztof Kruszewski

General tasks:

The Department is responsible for performing tasks relating to:
  • NBP financial management, in particular planning, performance and coordination of tasks regarding the NBP accounting policy and organization of accounting, financial reporting, and analyses relating to the NBP asset and financial position,
  • maintenance of the NBP accounting books: the NBP General Ledger and the subsidiary ledger relating to the operation of bank accounts,
  • cooperation with domestic and international institutions in the development of national and international accounting standards,
  • determination of the principles and procedures for carrying out banking activities relating to the operation of bank accounts and performance of settlements.
Specific tasks:
  • creation of the NBP accounting (policy) rules, including development of the principles for the recognition of the provision against the foreign exchange rate risk of the zloty at NBP,
  • analyses of and research into the accounting and financial reporting of central banks, and contribution to the development of accounting principles of the European System of Central Banks,
  • design of instruments aimed to ensure a proper application of the accounting principles, including in particular:
    • a chart of accounts comprising general and subsidiary ledger accounts, the principles for recording economic operations and for aligning subsidiary ledger accounts with the general ledger accounts,
    • principles for maintaining the accounting books,
    • periodic determination or verification of the actual balances of assets and liabilities,
  • maintenance of the NBP accounting books (except for subsidiary ledgers kept by the Payment Systems Department, Internal Operations Settlement Department and Financial Transactions Settlement Department): the NBP General Ledger (ZSK-KG) and the subsidiary ledger relating to the operation of bank accounts (ZSK-C), and the substantive oversight of the IT systems supporting these ledgers,
  • drawing up of the annual financial statements and interim statements, including statements on services provided to the State budget, and other analyses on the asset and financial position of NBP,
  • coordinating matters relating to public levies and international tax law at NBP, oversight of the application of relevant provisions in these areas,
  • drafting legal acts regarding:
    • the principles for operation of bank accounts by NBP, and for performance of settlements by NBP (except for the banks, where the terms of maintaining accounts with NBP are laid down by the Payment Systems Department),
    • calculation and settlement of the interest at NBP,
    • bank fees and commission charged by NBP,
    • counteracting money laundering and terrorism financing,
    • the principles and procedure for a write-off of NBP debt due to receivables and for granting other reliefs in debt repayment,
    • payment cards issued by financial institutions on behalf and on account of NBP.
  • performance of quality management tasks at NBP compliant with the ISO standard for electronic banking.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 0.10
Lombard rate 0.50
Deposit rate 0.00
Rediscount rate 0.11
Discount rate 0.12

Exchange rates

Table of 2020-09-18
1 EUR4.4574
1 USD3.7585
1 CHF4.1378
1 GBP4.8811
100 JPY3.5973

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



Narodowy Bank Polski
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00-919 Warszawa

+48 22 185 10 00
NIP: 525-000-81-98
REGON: 000002223
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