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Information Technology & Telecommunications Department

Director: Wojciech Dylewski

The main tasks of the Information Technology & Telecommunications Department are: planning, supervising, and managing the entire range of undertakings related to the IT application at the NBP.

In particular, the Department's tasks are as follows:
  1. Managing and supervising the IT development at the NBP:

    • drawing up, in cooperation with other organizational units of the NBP, the plans of the development of IT application at the NBP;
    • constant assisting and advising to organizational units of the NBP in the preparation of projects that require IT applications, as well as the essential supervising of their accomplishment.

  2. The development of the data communications system at the NBP:

    • analyzing, making projects, implementing, controlling of the IT systems set up by both, own IT employees and in cooperation with external firms;
    • participating in standard-setting activities in the IT area and cooperating with public administration bodies in constructing the data communications systems.

  3. Providing protection for the data communications systems:

    • cooperating with the Security Department in developing the security requirements for the data communications systems of the NBP;
    • fulfilling the requirements of the security policy;
    • constant controlling and monitoring of the data communications systems in order to ensure their permanent performance.
    • cooperation with the Security Department in the implementation of tasks of the Operation Security Centre, including surveillance of cyberspace as well as development and maintenance of tools and methods of cyberspace protection

  4. The operation of the data communications system:

    • supervising the operation of the main and backup data communications systems;
    • the administration and maintenance activities in the data communications system environment and technical and operational servicing of the IT and telecommunications equipment in all organizational units of the NBP;
    • operational servicing of the SWIFT system and authentication of telegraphic keys in the communications with foreign institutions.

  5. Organizing events in order to improve job qualifications of the NBP employees:

    • Organizing, in cooperation with the Personnel Department and other organizational units of the NBP, of the specialized IT training courses.

  6. Developing in the area of data communications:

    • plans of investments, repairs, and maintenance;
    • plans of provision.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 0.10
Lombard rate 0.50
Deposit rate 0.00
Rediscount rate 0.11
Discount rate 0.12

Exchange rates

Table of 2021-01-27
1 EUR4.5468
1 USD3.7507
1 CHF4.2215
1 GBP5.1516
100 JPY3.6136

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