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About the NBP: Structure

Domestic Operations Department

Director: Krzysztof Senderowicz

The Domestic Operations Department performs tasks related to the implementation of monetary and exchange rate policy, support services for the trading of securities issued by the Treasury and foreign exchange operations.

The tasks of the Department include in particular:

  • developing a set of instruments for monetary and exchange rate policy implementation;
  • monitoring and assessment of the situation in financial markets for the needs of monetary and exchange rate policy implementation;
  • preparing analyses and forecasts of banking system liquidity;
  • planning and conducting open market operations;
  • conducting the fixing sessions for the POLONIA reference rate (Polish Overnight Index Aver-age) for overnight transactions on the Polish interbank market;
  • performing tasks related to the reserve requirements of banks, credit unions (SKOK) and the National Association of Credit Unions (KSKOK);
  • performing tasks related to the refinancing of banks, including credit-deposit operations, providing commercial banks with intraday liquidity (technical credit in zloty and intraday credit in euro);
  • providing liquidity to banks in the event of a threat to the stability of the financial system;
  • selection of a group of banks to act as money market dealers cooperating with NBP in the implementation of monetary policy;
  • carrying out foreign exchange interventions;
  • carrying out foreign exchange transactions and gold bullion trading in the financial markets;
  • calculating EUR/PLN exchange rates;

foreign exchange operations

  • examining applications for individual foreign exchange permits;
  • keeping a register of entrepreneurs operating bureaux de change;
  • organising and implementing foreign exchange trading supervision to the extent permitted by the Foreign Exchange Law and the Law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing;

implementation of operations involving securities

  • keeping accounts and deposit accounts for Treasury bills and NBP bills as well as registering and servicing operations on these securities;
  • organising and conducting Treasury securities auctions as well as auctions for bonds issued by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in the primary market;
  • performing oversight of the fixing sessions of Treasury securities, performed on the Treas-uryBondSpot Poland market and operated by BondSpot SA;
  • performing the tasks of the Treasury Securities Fixing Organiser;
  • performing activities related to the Ministry of Finance system of Treasury Securities Dealers;

moreover, the Department

  • develops systemic solutions and drafts executive legal acts related to the performed tasks, including in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance regarding issuance of Treasury securities and foreign exchange trading;
  • cooperates with the General Inspector of Financial Information in carrying out control of com-pliance of obligations under the Act on on counteracting money laundering and financing of terrorism by entities operating bureaux de change.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 5.25
Lombard rate 5.75
Deposit rate 4.75
Rediscount rate 5.30
Discount rate 5.35

Exchange rates

Table of 2022-05-17
1 EUR4.6558
1 USD4.4379
1 CHF4.4542
1 GBP5.5377
100 JPY3.4307

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



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