About the NBP: Structure

Economic Research Department

Director: Ireneusz Dąbrowski

The main task of the Economic Research Department is to conduct research with the aim of performing the tasks of NBP.

The department’s detailed tasks include the following:

  • Conducting economic research on monetary transmission mechanisms, cyclicality of economic processes, factors and mechanisms of economic growth and other studies in line with NBP research priorities.
  • Conducting studies on quantitative methods used in central banks, methodology for forecasting and foundations for new tools used in modelling monetary policy.
  • Developing new analytical tools supporting the performance of NBP tasks related to monetary policy and economic growth.
  • Publicising the results of the research conducted by the department, including editing, in cooperation with the Education and Publishing Department, the publishing series “Materiały i studia”/”NBP Working Paper”.
  • Providing support for research projects to be carried out by NBP employees or individuals who are not employees of NBP.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 1.50
Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

Exchange rates

Table of 2019-10-18
1 EUR4.2844
1 USD3.8503
1 CHF3.8969
1 GBP4.9671
100 JPY3.5420

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



Narodowy Bank Polski
Świętokrzyska 11/21
00-919 Warszawa

+48 22 185 10 00
e-mail: listy@nbp.pl
NIP: 525-000-81-98
REGON: 000002223
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