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Department of Statistics

Director: Józef Sobota

The Department of Statistics performs tasks related to gathering, processing and making available information and reviewing it on an ongoing basis regarding monetary statistics, balance of payments, the international investment position and financial situation of economic entities of the non-financial sector.

In particular, the responsibilities of the Department of Statistics include:
  • Organizing and coordinating a monthly reporting system under the Bank Statistical Information and the system of interim (ten-day) reports on selected monetary aggregates that characterize the performance of monetary policy.
  • Maintaining statistical records of the balance of payments, indebtedness and foreign liabilities on the basis of bank and non-bank reports (including cooperation with the NBP regional branches in gathering and analyzing the statistical data that are necessary to compile the balance of payments and balances of the foreign assets and liabilities of the central government).
  • Gathering quantitative and qualitative data (in cooperation with the NBP regional branches in surveys of the corporate sector) and performing statistical research of non-financial entities with a special focus on their financial and credit situation and the level of the economic situation.
  • Performing monthly analyses of movements in basic monetary aggregates and developments affecting particular items of the balances of the central government assets and liabilities.
  • Preparing and publishing aggregate data and periodic evaluations of assets and liabilities of commercial banks, Narodowy Bank Polski and the banking system, the balance of payments and the balances of foreign assets and liabilities of the central government.
  • Developing instructions and guidelines for, and providing ongoing guidance to, banks and other entities compiling statistical reports for the purpose of drawing up the balance of payments, balances of the foreign assets and liabilities and the aggregate balance sheet of banks.
  • Conducting methodological studies in the area of monetary statistics, the balance of payments and the international investment position.
  • Coordinating work that is a result of the performance of tasks connected with Poland's participation in the International Monetary Fund's Special Data Dissemination Standard, including, in particular, work related to updating the "metadata" contained on the IMF's on-line Dissemination Standard Bulletin Board (the bulleting board can be found at
  • Cooperating with domestic and foreign institutions in the area of tasks related to the statistics of the balance of payments, balances of foreign assets and liabilities of the central government and the banking system statistics (including cooperation with the Central Statistical Office regarding statistical research methods, the European Central Bank regarding the methodology and the system of monetary and banking reporting and the balance of payments, as well as with the International Monetary Fund).
  • Preparing the monthly Interim Information, the monthly Information Bulletin, reports on direct investments, balance of payments and the situation of enterprises.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 5.25
Lombard rate 5.75
Deposit rate 4.75
Rediscount rate 5.30
Discount rate 5.35

Exchange rates

Table of 2022-05-17
1 EUR4.6558
1 USD4.4379
1 CHF4.4542
1 GBP5.5377
100 JPY3.4307

Economic outlook

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