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Financial Stability Department

Director: Olga Szczepańska

The Department performs tasks comprising current analyses and medium- and long-term research on the performance of the financial system, i.e. the financial sectors and financial markets, from the point of view of their development and stability, and the planning of measures aimed at accomplishing the two goals.

The basic tasks of the Department include:
  • analyses and studies on the development tendencies in the Polish financial system, barriers to this development and challenges posed by the financial system integration process in the EU and the globalisation of financial markets,
  • monitoring, analyses and studies on the Polish financial system taking into account international conditions,
  • analyses and studies in the area of public policy concerning the stability and development of the financial system, with particular emphasis on institutional aspects of the financial security networks and actions to be taken in a systemic crisis situation,
  • preparation of Financial Stability Reports, Financial System Development Reports and other publications and materials,
  • providing opinions on domestic and EU draft directives, laws and executive legal acts related to the scope of responsibilities of the Department,
  • co-operation with domestic institutions dealing in issues related to financial system development and stability, among others, representing the NBP at these fora and in contacts with these institutions,
  • international co-operation, such as representing the NBP at international fora and in contacts with organisations whose scope of operation corresponds to the responsibilities of the Department, including ECB committees and working groups.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 5.25
Lombard rate 5.75
Deposit rate 4.75
Rediscount rate 5.30
Discount rate 5.35

Exchange rates

Table of 2022-05-24
1 EUR4.6107
1 USD4.3071
1 CHF4.4723
1 GBP5.3775
100 JPY3.3799

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



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