Monetary and financial statistics

Aggregated balance sheet of other MFIs

The presentation shows basic categories of assets and liabilities of other monetary financial institutions (commercial banks, credit unions and money market funds) in the format that allows for the consolidation of data with the central bank (NBP). The format of data presentation is in line with the EU standards, and provides for the comparability of information between NBP and the data published by the European Central Bank. The table comprises monthly time series from December 1996.

Starting from end-July 2007 reporting period the methodology of compiling certain monetary aggregates - disseminated below in Excel files – were changed. Related detailed information is included in the PDF file attached.
Please be advised that the Department of Statistics of Narodowy Bank Polski has redefined the category of "Credits to domestic residents" along with the release of July 2005 data. The adjustment excluded the unpaid due interest, in all relevant periods, and transferred these to "Other assets". Thus, the redefined category refers only to the widely understood capital i.e. funds released by monetary financial institutions (loans, guarantees, warranties, collected liabilities and other amounts due).
The abovementioned due interest are now incorporated in "other assets" which has so far included accrued assets only.
The following tables have been changed: S5042 and S5042-estim. The amount of interest due in table S5042 and S5042-estim. has been shifted from columns B1, C1, D1 to N1.


On the dissemination of statistical data reference to end-October 2015 definition of the monetary category “Capital and reserves” was amended. The amendment consists in shifting to “Capital and reserves” the following other MFIs balance-sheet components previously classified under “Remaining liabilities”: profit/loss of the current year and profit/loss before approval. The above amendment aims at further cross-country harmonization of monetary categories within the EU and strengthening the linkages between financial and statistical reporting. Data for the amended categories were adjusted back to December 2008. For more details see the file below.

On 23 October 2017 NBP published monetary aggregates for the reference periods June-September 2017 compiled based on the data collected in the new monetary statistics reporting system. The data for June-September 2017 were republished, i.e. they replaced the data published previously that were derived from the former reporting scheme. Time series up to May 2017 were derived from the former reporting scheme.

Dissemination of data for June-September 2017 collected in the new reporting system for monetary statistics

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 1.50
Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

Exchange rates

Table of 2019-09-20
1 EUR4.3438
1 USD3.9319
1 CHF3.9668
1 GBP4.9277
100 JPY3.6424

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



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