Monetary and financial statistics

M3 and its counterparts - balance sheet format

The table presents money supply M3 and its counterparts with a monthly frequency from December 1996. Each category is broken down by instruments (loans, securities, etc.) and sectors of the economy. The scope and the presentation format are adjusted to standards used by the European Central Bank. Starting from March 2002, broad money M3 became basic analytical and publication category of money supply in Poland.

Calendar of data dissemination:


NBP interest rates

Reference rate 0.10
Lombard rate 0.50
Deposit rate 0.00
Rediscount rate 0.11
Discount rate 0.12

Exchange rates

Table of 2020-09-29
1 EUR4.5834
1 USD3.9228
1 CHF4.2500
1 GBP5.0522
100 JPY3.7123

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



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