Monetary and financial statistics

Assets and liabilities of monetary financial institutions

The table includes comprehensive monthly statistical information on assets and liabilities of monetary financial institutions starting from December 1996 (data from December 1996 through February 2002 are based on estimates). Statistical information is presented in breakdowns by sectors, instruments, currencies, original maturities and operations with non-residents.

Starting from the dissemination of end-March 2010 data, Narodowy Bank Polski introduced changes in its Website statistical presentation “Assets and liabilities of monetary financial institutions”. The changes were determined by modifications of the reporting system due to deletion of supervisory information. Other changes were of a presentational nature enhancing consistency with other NBP statistical disseminations and improving their analytical value. At the same time the new presentation was supplemented with information on external assets and liabilities, while less informational items with minor analytical value were deleted. Detailed description of changes is available in the file below.

Please, also be informed that starting from end-March 2010 data on non-performing loans in the former format were ceased to be collected. Therefore, the file “Assets and liabilities of banks” includes historical time series only (up till February 2010). Modified information on impaired loans based on FINREP reporting is disseminated under: Banking sector financial data.

Starting from January 2012 the list of Polish monetary financial institutions (MFIs) does not include money market funds (MMFs), as no investment fund meets the criteria of MMF definition as set forth in the regulation of the European Central Bank No 883/2011 of 25 August 2011 amending Regulation (EC) No. 25/2009 concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions sector (ECB/2008/32), ECB/2011/12. At present the MFI sectors includes banks and credit unions.

Starting from the dissemination of end-August 2016 data on housing loans to households have been revised back to end-September 2014 which implies revisions also at higher levels of aggregation.


NBP interest rates

Reference rate 1.50
Lombard rate 2.50
Deposit rate 0.50
Rediscount rate 1.75

Exchange rates

Table of 2019-09-23
1 EUR4.3891
1 USD3.9983
1 CHF4.0399
1 GBP4.9721
100 JPY3.7242

Economic outlook

Monthly data

Quarterly data

Financial markets



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