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The National Bank of Poland, Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the European Central Bank are organising an international conference entitled "The Role of Central Banks in Economic and Personal Finance Education". The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for the exchange of experience and ideas by recognised central bankers, academicians and international educators.

In the contemporary world the economic and financial education of citizens is not only the problem of state authorities, it is also a common challenge for many public institutions and non-profit organisations.

The lack of understanding of economic issues in the society is a serious challenge for every central bank. That is why an increasing number of central banks, have started to implement economic or financial education initiatives under their statutory objectives and tasks. It is usually difficult to explain the monetary policy and its impact on the economic development of a country if its citizens do not understand fundamentals of the market economy and are not aware of how some economic processes influence their day-to-day life. Central banks are especially interested in proper communication with the wider environment. Economic or financial activities may soon become a significant part of the information policy addressed to different target groups or broader public.

The conference will take place on September 28-29, 2006 in Warsaw, Poland. As an increasing number of central banks are considering their involvement in economic or financial education, this international conference will serve as one of the most important initiatives in this field in the world.

It should be emphasised that the conference programme includes a lot of presentations. Between the sessions, central bankers from all over the world will demonstrate exemplary education programmes and products that can be replicated in other countries.

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

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