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Visit Warsaw

The Warsaw Old Town
Image courtesy of: Zbigniew Panów, archives:

Warsaw – the capital of Poland – is a vibrant and green metropolis. The modern and bustling city centre does not exclude a history looking out from behind every corner. Gothic relics, baroque palaces, socialist realism architecture and contemporary buildings form a unique mosaic.

Discover the cobbled, narrow streets of the Old Town, admire the blooming chestnuts in Łazienki Park and enjoy the sunshine on the picturesque Vistula riverbank. Walk through the streets where footprints were left by the well-known Polish actress Pola Negri and Władysław Szpilman, the musician commemorated by Roman Polański in the unforgettable film “The Pianist”. Finish your day with a glimpse of the sun setting between the tenement houses.



Travelling with kids

There are many interesting attractions in Warsaw for young ones. The most popular kid-friendly places are:

The SED Annual Meeting is hosted by Narodowy Bank Polski at the University of Warsaw
Society for Economic Dynamics | Narodowy Bank Polski | University of Warsaw | 2015
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